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Plastic & cosmetic surgery

Anker plastic surgery offers cosmetic and injective treatments.

At Anker Plastic Surgery Clinic in Oslo we perform plastic surgeries and less invasive procedures of aesthetic medicine, which take place in a nice facility and kind atmosphere. We have a separate entrance on the ground floor right next to Anker Medical Facility.

A patient is always in the centre of our interest and we take time during consultations to explain all the process connected with plastic surgery:

  • Procedure before and after plastic surgery
  • Possible discomforts after the surgery
  • Anaesthesia performed before and during the operation
  • Expected effect
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News in Plastic Surgery!

Patient Care Promise

Additional insurance provided with Patient Care Promise for silicone gel MENTOR breast implants:

  1. Exchange of product in case of determined break.
  2. Up to 1000 EUR financial help up to 10 years after the surgery in case of determined break. 
  3. Exchange of product in case of determined 3 or 4 degree Barker’s capsular contracture during 10 years from implant surgery.

Have a fresher, younger looks with Intermporel. Face lifting.

Interporel is a thread system designed for modern, minimal face surgery. Its aim is to lift and strengthen loose face tissue restoring its volume and natural younger looks.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia possibly in combination with sedatives. The procedure lasts from 1h to 1,5h.

The surgeon lifts and strengthens sagging tissue leaving a small scar hidden at the hair line. After a short rest at the clinic you can return home on the same day.

A small swelling, bruises and yellow marks are normal consequences of face operation. Marks vanish quickly and can be covered by make-up.

More information on website: http://www.intemporel-peters.com or consult a plastic surgeon today!

Stomach plasty

Many women would like ot have a flat, smooth and firm stomach. During pregnancy the skin stretches a lot.
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Removing fat collected on stomach, on sided and on hips is not easy.
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Breast prosthesis

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants.
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Eye lid plasty

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery).
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We guarantee top level safety and quality

Our plastic surgeons have extensive experience in their field and have worked at plastic surgery ward at Ullevål University Hospital, in Mjøskirurgene clinic and Drammen private sykehus  Hospital.

The clinic is also the first clinic in Norway run by female plastic surgeons.

We use Mentor implants with lifetime guarantee.

You will experience quality in all aspects. Plastic surgery is a pleasant experience with us. Pleased clients and safety during each procedure are our aims.

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