Breast prosthesis / breast augmentation


Time spent at the clinic (including operation): 3-4 hours

Recovery time: 3-6 weeks

You should not drive home alone, you should be picked up by another person. You should not spend the first  night after operation on your own.

If the operation was not cancelled 72 hour prior to schedule date patient will be charged 50% of the operation price.


You will receive additional protection with Patient Care Promise to your MENTOR and PARTHESES silicone gel implants

1. Checked durability product

2. Up to 1000 EUR financial help up to 10 years after the surgery in case of determined break. 

3. Exchange of product in case of determined 3 or 4 degree Barker’s capsular contracture during 10 years from implant surgery.


The most important reasons for women to have breast augmentation done are asymmetry i.e. breasts differ in size and shape, have a different size and shape after pregnancy/breastfeeding or general discontent with regards to breasts’ looks and size. Irrespective of the reason breast augmentation operation should be your own, well thought decision, consult them with plastic surgeon, made on the basis of personal needs, desires and expectations. ( Read also about breast lifting and breast operations).

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants. Most people who decide to have their breast augmented are women who would like to have the looks of their breast from the past brought back. They are also young women who have natural small breasts. In this case, the size of implants used is determined by the most natural looks.

During an operation the surgeon usually makes an incision (cut) of about 4-5cm under the breast. The implant is placed in a pouch under the mammary gland in front of pectoralis major muscle or under pectoralis major muscle. Plastic surgeon takes part in the choice of method based on patient’s expectations, to obtain the best effect in every particular case. Prostheses have different sizes and shapes. Whatever suits individually depends on the initial breast size, age and woman’s expectations.

Standard breast implants we use are Mentor silicon prostheses. There is a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer.

Most of the augmentation prostheses are circle. The below picture is an example of circle implants:

During reconstruction process patients usually choose anatomic (teardrop) prostheses. In some cases patients also choose anatomic prostheses in breast augmentation. Those prostheses have a different thickness in their upper and lower parts and there si a risk of additional operation as they may move around.


Before the operation

  • You need to be healthy on the day of procedure.
  • Do not eat, drink and smoke up to 6 hours prior to operation.
  • Have a shower with Hibiscrub soap the day before and on the day of operation.
  • You cannot be alone in the evening and at night on the operation day. You cannot drive home alone, you should be picked up by someone or go by taxi.
  • Medication should be taken according to arrangements.
  • Do not take medication like Dispril (acetylsalicylic acid)), Novid (aspirin,acetylsalicylic acid), Naproxen (naproxenum) for 2 weeks prior to operation and right after it. Do not take supplements like vitamin E, Omega 3, garlic pills or homeopathic pills.
  • Quit smoking 4 weeks before the schedule operation.

 Day of operation

  • You are welcomed by the surgeon who takes pictures of your chest.
  • You may talk to anaesthesiology staff about local anaesthesia with painkillers and sleep pills as well as general anaesthesia.
  • Bra is fitted.

 After the operation

  • Your take painkiller according to arrangements with anaesthesiology staff.
  • Do not overwok for the rest of the day.
  • Refrain from excessive physical activity for 14 days after the operation. Do not lift heavy objects. It is important not to stay in bed for the whole time as it may cause the risk of clots.
  • You will be asked to report at the clinic on 1 to 3 day after the operation unless arranged otherwise. The follow up is scheduled individually.
  • Bra should be worn 24/7 for about 6 weeks.
  • You can have a shower on 4 day after the operation unless stated otherwise.
  • As a general rule you may start physical activity 6-8 weeks after the surgery .
  • We recommend using 3M plaster on wounds for a few months after the operation for less visible scars.


  • Bruises without swelling disappear spontaneously.
  • Small swelling without discoloration disappear spontaneously.
  • Hematoma (place filled with blood) may have influence on operation result and should be controlled and possibly treated.
  • Immediately report for examination and treatment in case of infection with swelling, redness, feeling of heat on skin, pain and possible oozing wound or fever.
  • The body heals itself from all damages and post-operative wounds by forming scars. Their visibility depends on the area of the body and human susceptibility to them.
  • Final result is possible to be seen from 3 months up to 1 year.
  • Breast prosthesis encapsulation: body protects itself from foreign body so a thin membrane of connective tissue forms around the prosthesis. In some patients it becomes however a thick capsule impacting the effect and as a result an operation may be required to incise (cut) or remove it.

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