Eye lid plasty


Time spent in clinic (including operation):2-3 hours

Recovery time: 1 week

If the operation was not cancelled 72 hour prior to schedule date patient will be charged 50% of the operation price.

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery) is a procedure in which a surgeon removes the excess of fat from the upper and lower lid to make it look fresher and nicer.

During eye lids operation a surgeon may correct drooping eyelids and saggy bags – features often causing people to look older and more tired. Drooping eyelids influencing vision are a medical indication for an operation. Eye lids operation does not have influence on mimic wrinkles on sides of the face. Dark circles under eyes also do not disappear. Operation affects eyebrows in a very limited way. Elderly people with small lower lid skin flexibility are at risk of lower lid prolapse after the procedure if the surgeon is not careful during it.

Upper lids

It is the most problematic problem. Eyebrows sag and upper lids have loose skin with age. Many women complain on putting on make-up. Moreover, many have a tendency to swelling of fat tissue around the eyes.  The swelling may be especially visible after short and long sleep and before menstruation. Lid surgery gets rid of the problem.

Lower lids

Since the skin under eyes is less flexible and connective tissue is weakened, the swelling of fat tissue is more or less stable. This stable excess of skin and fat can be surgically removed. In contrast to upper lid where relatively a lot of skin is incised, lower lid requires carefulness while skin removal in order to avoid negative cosmetic or functional results.

Before operation

For 2 weeks prior to operation and one week after it medication prone to cause bleeding should not be taken. Especially painkillers like silicic fluid, Dispril (acetylsalicylic acid), Albyl-e (aspirin), Novid (aspirin,acetylsalicylic acid) and similar ones. Supplements and herbal preparations like vitamin E, Omega 3, garlic pills or homeopathic pills should not be taken as well.

Day of the operation

Have a shower and shampoo your hair. Do not apply any crème or make up onto your face. Upon arriving at Anker clinic you will talk to your doctor and answer all the questions regarding your eye lids. Incision line is put in ink and the incision is made around 5 mm or more from the edge of eyelid. Then fat and loos skin is cut. In case of lower lid operation the incision is made around 2 mm below the lower edge of a lid. Ice dressing is put on eyelids after the operation. You lie and rest for an hour before being able to go home. Keep your head up when sleeping in order to reduce the swelling. During the first few days ice dressing is helpful however skin  discoloration can happen. If some blood is oozing swipe it to prevent scab formation. Avoid bending e.g. tying shoes, picking up things from the floor for a few days.

Sutures are removed 6 days after the operation.

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