Face lifting


Time spend at clinic: 4-6 hours

Recovery: 2-3 weeks

You should not drive home alone, you should be picked up by another person. You should not spend the first night after operation on your own.

If the operation was not cancelled 72 hour prior to schedule date patient will be charged 50% of the operation price.

Face is built, in its inner layers, from bone and cartilage which shape it. In upper layers there are muscles needed for functioning and mimics, connective tissue and adipose tissue with layer of skin above them. Changes occur in different layers of tissue during the ageing process. The skin becomes loose some of its flexibility and becomes slack. Fat tissue of face relocates and muscles keeping it in place alter. Those changes become more visible after 40-45 year of life. Then a deep line from nose to mount can occur, skin becomes slack and saggy and slack of adipose tissue under jaw can occur. Wrinkles may appear on face as well.

Some of the changes may undergo different surgical procedures on face or smoothing skin surface procedure or injections. If lesions are determined, in most cases lifting of face may be needed ( also called face lifting) to obtain the required effect.

Traditional face lifting is based on loosening the skin from the subcutaneous fat tissue and fascia, stretching them and then re-stretching the skin.

The method alternative to traditional face lifting non-invasive face lifting. It is a new face surgery technique and it is the least invasive one. Threads help to lift and strengthen the lost volume of face. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and foreseen recovery time is quick. Threads can be stretched, removed or replaced to obtain the desired effect..

Mini-lifting during which only skin is removed  means that effects is not the same, short term and usually not recommended.

Face lifting is effective in case of lesions on the neck and lower face parts. The skin is stretched from neck to jaw and to temples area. Loose skin around eyes can be corrected by operation of the eyelids and lowered eyebrows and forehead wrinkles can be removed by forehead lifting. The combination of the three procedures often means a full face lifitng. There are scars left after traditional face lifting. They start above the hairline, going around the ear until the hairline behind the ear and stretch towards the back of the head above the hairline.


Day of operation:

  • You receive painkillers according to anaesthesiologist’s arrangements.
  • Do not overwork on this day and during the next two days. It is important that you do not bend your head down and sleep with your head lifted to reduce the swelling. You should refrain from excessive physical activity for a fortnight and do not lift heavy objects for the first 4 weeks. The most important is not to do physical exercise up to 6 weeks after the operation.
  • It is normal that the skin is numb after the procedure. This condition should normalize within 1-3months.
  • Possible drains and bandages are removed after a few days.
  • Sutures are removed after 5-10days.
  • You can shower after around 4 days after operation unless stated otherwise.
  • The face is swollen and blue after the procedure. The most excessive swelling is usually visible after 2-4 days.
  • It often happens that a patient is anxious about his/her condition due to bruises and swelling but after 3 weeks the condition is clearly improved and the first effects of the procedure are visible. Many can return to work after around 10 days. 



  • Bruises without swelling disappear spontaneously.
  • Small swelling without discoloration disappear spontaneously.
  • Hematoma (place filled with blood) may have influence on operation result and should be controlled and possibly treated. It may happen that the nerves controlling face expression of sensation in ear have been disturbed. However, it is rare and in most cases withdraws after 3-6 months.
  • The body heals itself from all damages and post-operative wounds by forming scars. Their visibility depends on the area of the body and human susceptibility to them.
  • Most often post face lifting scars are narrow and difficult to spot. Scars are formed up to 1 year.
  • If blood circulation within the skin is weakened (especially in smokers and diabetics)  there is a bigger risk that skin edges will not be well supplied with blood, they will heal badly and a dark scab will appear on the skin edges.
  • It may cause the scar to be wider and more visible. In this case, a second operation may be needed in order to remove the scars and new suturing.
  • In some cases the loss on hair happens in the area of scars. Usually the grow back after a few months.
  • Immediately report for examination and treatment in case of infection with swelling, redness, feeling of heat on skin, pain and possible oozing wound or fever.

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