Intimate plastic surgery


Performed under local anaesthesia

Time spent in clinic: 1-2 hours

Recovery time: 4-10 days

If the operation was not cancelled 72 hour prior to schedule date patient will be charged 50% of the operation price.

If the inner labia are perceived as loo long to the extent that they cause problems their size may be changed by operation during which part of them is removed. It is a surgical intervention and may cause complication such as bleeding and wounds in the same way as in the case of other surgical operations. General anaesthesia is not usually required and in this kind of surgical intervention a local anaesthesia is usually used. Physical exercise and sexual contact should be avoided right after the operation.

Stomach plasty

Many women would like ot have a flat, smooth and firm stomach. During pregnancy the skin stretches a lot.
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Removing fat collected on stomach, on sided and on hips is not easy.
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Breast prosthesis

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants.
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Eye lid plasty

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery).
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