Prices at gynaecologist

Gynaecological follow up 1200 kr
/ follow up includes gynaecological examination Transvaginal ultrasound and smear
Additionally hormonal spiral
Additionally copper spiral
1250 kr
850 kr
The first time follow up in pregnancy 1200 kr
The second time follow up during pregnancy 800 kr
Additional tests / bactus, viruses, -HPV, HS, Endometrium biopsy fra 100 – 250 kr

Eye lid plasty

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery).
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Stomach plasty

Many women would like ot have a flat, smooth and firm stomach. During pregnancy the skin stretches a lot.
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Removing fat collected on stomach, on sided and on hips is not easy.
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Breast prosthesis

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants.
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