In Anker Plastikkirurgi we offer the smoothing of deep lines, wrinkles and scars as well as enhancing skin appearance with the use of fillers and injection procedures. We use the most known products on the market and we can guarantee the long lasting and natural effect.

Juvederm is a smooth gel injected in the skin with a very fine needle by the doctor. Gel fills the wrinkles and line whereas hyaluronic acid in gel absorbs and keeps the moisture so that the results may last up to 1 year. Juvederm contains lidocaine, an anaesthetic which provides a better comfort of treatment.

Doctor performing the procedure is a specialist in face procedure therapy. He/She will have a closer look at your face and you will talk over things you would like to change.

Sculptra represents a unique, patented rule which has shown stimulation of one’s own skin cells for collagen production in clinical trials. Younger face skin appearance will return gradually and totally in a natural way. It has been documented that Sculptra’s use gives durability of 2 years more than other injective substances. Read more at

Rediesse is a filler increasing volume which causes wrinkles and lines filling  growing volume and contours. The use of Radiesse may cause the natural face contour return. We call it V effect. The results are kept for about 12 months in most people. Radiesse disappears form your body with time. It fills the wrinkles, re-voluming the skin again and it stimulates natural collagen productions. Read more at

Stomach plasty

Many women would like ot have a flat, smooth and firm stomach. During pregnancy the skin stretches a lot.
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Removing fat collected on stomach, on sided and on hips is not easy.
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Breast prosthesis

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants.
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Eye lid plasty

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery).
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