PDO threads

Face lifting without and operation!

The procedure has been prepared by a Swedish clinic – Inject Academy. A new and improved treatment process is adjusted to aging skin. The procedure is similar to the use of fillers and it is painless.

It is a revolutionary way of face lifting by means of medical threads which tense the skin on face and stimulate increase of collagen in the skin. Threads Polydioxanon (PDO) soluble gradually so the procedure is a naturally non-invasive one. The area of the procedure covers the whole face or only some parts of it like chin, cheeks and saggy eyebrows. Treatment is performed by means of small size thin threads inserted in certain areas lifting the face in this way. The procedure lasts for about 40-60 minutes and you may come back to normal everyday activity after it is finished. Small bruises and redness may appear. The effect may last for 1 or 2 years depending on the skin type. The treatment is performed by a doctor, specialist in plastic surgery.

Stomach plasty

Many women would like ot have a flat, smooth and firm stomach. During pregnancy the skin stretches a lot.
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Removing fat collected on stomach, on sided and on hips is not easy.
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Breast prosthesis

Plastic surgeon will assist you to make a decision in the choice of type and size of breast implants.
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Eye lid plasty

Eye lids operation (also called eye lids plasty, blepharoplasty or lids surgery).
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