Operation prices


Consultation cost will be deducted in case of operation/procedure



Operation under local anaesthesia
Additional fee for possible sedatives/general anaesthesia

Neoplasms of skin 1.800,-
Ingrown nail one / two sides  3500,-/6000,-
Upper lid/both 12500,-
Lower lid (both) 16000,-
Upper and lower eyelid 24000,-
Protruding ears on both sides 20.000,-
Torn earlobe one side / both sides 3.000,-/5.000,-
Reduction of labia 16.000,-
lifting the clitoris 10.000,-
Operation under general anaesthesia​
Breasts reduction from 38.000,-
Breasts lifting from 34.000,-
Areola correction agreed during consultation 
Breast augmentation Mentor 32.500,- circle prostheses
  37.000,- anatomiczne protezy
Breast augmentation and breast lifting Mentor prostheses from 47.000,- circle prostheses
  53.000,- anatomic prostheses
Removal/capsular contracture and takeout of prosthesis 20.000,-
Removal/ capsular contracture and exchange of prosthesis 36.000,- circle
  40.000,- anatomic
Lower abdomen plasty
– additionally liposuction
– additionally firming of lower muscles
Full abdominoplasty with stomach liposuction
– additionally muscles firming
– additionally hips liposuction
Operations with sedatives/general anaesthesia​
Face lifting 48.000,-
Fat transplant to the face 13.000,-
Small face lifting 25.000,-
Threads face lifting 25.000,-
Shoulders plasty 32.000,-
Thights plasty 32.000,-
Perspiratory glands (excessive sweating)  
Perspiratory glands curettage 15.000,-
Surgical removal 22.000,-
Botox for rerspiratory glands (no anaesthesia) 7.000,-
Liposuction (liposculpture)
Chin in local anaesthesia 15.000,-
Hips 25.000,-
Thigh inner part 23.000,-
Thigh outer part 20.000,-
Back plasty 20.000,-
Knees 15.000,-
Lower abdomen 19.000,-
Full abdomen 20.000-27.000,-
Gynaecomasty (breasts enlargement in men) liposusction 20.000,-
Extra removal of fat tissue 7.000,-
Cartilage (pubic) 15.000,-
Prices may be reduced or arranged during consultation when a few operations are to be performed.

Prosthesis or 3 or 4 degree capsular contracture removal within 1 year after operation in our clinic: 0 kr

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Prices of treatments

Consultation (deducted from the price of procedure) 400,-
Restylane Vital, 1 ml (mesotherapy) 3.200,-
Juvederm, Stylage, 1ml 3.500,-
Juvederm, Stylage, 0,5 ml 2.300,-
Juvederm lips 3.200,-
Sculptra 1. treatment (2 ampules) 9.500,-
Sculptra 2. treatment (1 ampule) 4.800,-
Botox forehead 3.000,-
Botox between eyes (lion’s wrinkle) 2.000,-
Botox around the eyes wrinkles 2.500,-
Botox 3 places 5.500,-
Botox and/or Restylane injections in a few places, price is arranged before.

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Prices at gynaecologist

Gynaecological follow up 1200 kr
/ follow up includes gynaecological examination Transvaginal ultrasound and smear
Additionally hormonal spiral
Additionally copper spiral
1250 kr
850 kr
The first time follow up in pregnancy 1200 kr
The second time follow up during pregnancy 800 kr
Additional tests / bactus, viruses, -HPV, HS, Endometrium biopsy fra 100 – 250 kr

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